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In this time where physical activity benefits are scientifically admitted, doing sport is the cheapest investment from which you can retract benefits:


It is for anyone, allowing to get a perfect shape or an optimal physical condition, which goes further than your soul performance increases, it facilitates your daily life and betters your health.


Practise a physical activity with mypersonaltrainer: 


-prevents the occuring of cardiovascular illnesses, whatever your age may be.


-prevents certain cancers in particular breast cancer in women, prostate cancer in men, and colon cancer in general.


-reduces the risque of diabetes and helps to balance your sugar levels.


-facilitates blood pressure stability and prevents high blood pressure


-it's effective about weight lost and weight control, and reduces the risques of obesity.


-reduces the risque of back pain and other.


-betters your sleep patterns and quality.


-helps your fight against stress, depression and anxiety.



For senior people, physical activity benefits are cognitive and social too: preventing falling, social isolation and depression. The health of aging people could be influenced by their lifestyle. People could have a say, at least, and act upon their aging. Moderate physical activity can be done troughout life. It increases life expectancy, delaying the effects of aging, and preventing some of chronic illnesses like osteoporosis.


Doing sport with Mypersonaltrainer will always be cheaper than any surgery operation, it could have less restraints than a strict diet and, will always be pleasurefull!


With his theorical knowledge and his vaste practical in the field, mypersonaltrainer puts in place reachable goals with you, accompanies you on the road to success and gives you his best!

Effects of physical activity