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Performance formulas

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Physical training

Steady and diligent sportsman, you would like to cross over boundaries in your performance quest. My personal trainer will allow you to benefit from his vaste knowledge in effort physiology. With a university degree in physical training, he will suggest many exercises and adapted situations for your activity and will build and put in place the best training program for you. Developping the five main athletic qualities: strenght, speed, skill, endurance, flexibility? The answer is my personal trainer.

You are an amator sportsman, and you would like to reach your goal to run a marathon, a triathlon, a raid... My personal trainer takes care of you and follows up you. You'll reach your goal.                                                                                                                                 Click here

Golf specific conditioning


It is necessary to prepare his body at the strikes repetition to last in this sport, as well as prevent some golf common injuries.

You wish to upgrade your performance level, to hit the ball stronger, to prevent any injury or only to get more pleasure and fun on a 18 holes course?

My personal trainer takes care of you and will turn the golf's key factors (flexibility, stability, power, explosivity) into tools serving your game.


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